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Current Projects

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Current projects - Practically Learning

We are currently putting together case studies from our schools and they are under review.

In the meantime, here are a few projects we are currently working on in schools in Victoria:

• Developed a CLEAR project based learning resource for students from years 5-12 to develop an understanding of creative and strategic thinking for project based learning.

• Currently consulting in developing relationships within internal culture, including the relationship between teacher and student and the importance of this connection in engaging children in learning - we are exploring classroom culture, providing feedback and how to develop teacher confidence in relating to students and their families.

Also in the process of developing a parent leadership action team to drive family engagement and building strong community connections within the school and with the local community.

• Currently consulting with a school in developing an understanding of their cultural identity and how to communicate and design marketing for new enrolments. Using our 5i process beginning with investigative research and identifying the identity to then develop ideas for implementing marketing for the school.

• Currently consulting in school culture development, exploring all 4 key elements, relationships, partnerships in learning, community and leadership and communication. The investigation stage (research) and identify (reporting) stage is now underway and will provide the schools with valuable information and recommendations for whole school improvement and implementation (taking action). 

Current projects - Practically Learning

• Facilitating workshops for parents on Staying Connected - understanding the importance of parent engagement in learning and community and how learning at home is linked with learning at school and vice versa. 

• Developing a 10 week program for parents - one hour weekly workshop for parents on Staying Connected with your child on their learning journey - understanding the importance of parent engagement in learning and community and how learning at home is linked with learning at school and vice versa. 

• Consulting with families, Principals and teachers in developing strategies for transitioning children from Primary to Secondary and at each year level.

• Consulting and analysing Insight SRC data with Leadership Teams to develop an action plan in each specific area of focus for improvement.

• Developing Professional Learning sessions for teachers around linking project based, social justice learning with the whole school vision.

• Developing a Professional Learning Workshop day on developing a school brand where school Principals and leaders can experience hands on activities and gain knowledge of how to develop clarity on understanding their brand and how to communicate and integrate into the culture of the learning community. 

• Developing strategies for communicating learning with parents to enable engagement and support for learning at home.

To arrange a complimentary consultation session to discuss the needs of your learning community call Rachel on 0419 371 876.