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Brand Development for Schools

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Developing a unique brand for your school

Is your school standing out from the rest?

We are passionate about helping our clients understand their school brand and how to communicate it effectively through design.

Your brand is not just your logo, it is a combination of your values, of your internal culture, the emotional and rational value for people to connect with your service and a vehicle for communicating to your audience what essentially makes your school different from others.

Design and development of your brand adds value to your school and gives you the competitive edge you need to stand out and appeal to a specific audience. Therefore, it is one of the most important and valuable assets you need in your school improvement toolkit.

To truly understand the possibilities of your school brand, it is important to have a clear understanding of the culture and experience you are providing for your families as well as the children you teach and the staff you employ. 

A clearer and more precise understanding of your strengths, personality, capabilities and distinct qualities and how they might appeal to parents, is the groundwork needed before laying the foundations and ultimately building and designing your brand.

Our Brand Development Package provides you with clarity of vision and value along with research to support a creative strategy for marketing your school.

Once we have an understanding of the brand experience your school is offering, we use the research as the catalyst for developing marketing material that communicates a consistent and clear message.


Our 5 step process to understanding your brand

Our vision, using our 5i approach, is to: 

Research and Development

investigate your brand vision and purpose through research to understand the value and experience you offer.

identify the strengths and value that will most appeal to your audience.


Develop and design creative ideas and explore opportunities to communicate the value and experience your audience can expect.


Develop and implement creative ideas in line with brand values, goals and objectives through printing or online websites or applications.


Finally, we assist you to integrate the message throughout your school so that your families, students and teachers are receiving an experience that is consistent and represents your unique brand.

The result is a clearer understanding of your school and the benefits for families, as well as understanding the types of employees you want to work with to represent, live and breathe your brand experience for the families and children you serve.

To view examples of our creative solutions, visit our creations portfolio.